We are proud to introduce our starter home pod, the 18+ model.The dimensions are 6,6 x 3m, height is 3m. This cute pod has two rooms and a loft level. It could sleep two people, in the downstairs bedroom and 2 in the loft. The Roof is double pitch zincalume and maintenance free. It is cladded with saligna or a choice of exterior cladding,  which is also maintenance free. The windows and doors are aluminium. There is a kitchenette with BIC. The bathroom comes fitted and finished. Point foundation is included in all our units.

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Specifications & Features

Dimensions 6,6 x 3m, Height 3,2m and Mezzanine 2x2m
Rooms 2
Sleeps 2 on mezzanine level (loft)
Roof Style Double pitch, low maintenance, zincalume color coated diamond deck roofing
Exterior Walls Larch wood, Saligna, thermo wood, zinc alu, the choice is yours to make, low maintenance
Windows & Doors Aluminum, maintenance free
Kitchen BIC, Kitchenette included
Bathroom Walk in shower, toilet, vanity unit included
Features Decking, extra large gable as an optional extra.